If you have been looking for a guide on how to play online pokies then it is likely that you may be more confused now than you were when you first started! There is a lot of conflicting information out there with people claiming they know the “secret” about how to play pokies.

Yet there is also another school of thought that says given that most pokies online are based around a random number generator as their engine, there can be no effective strategy in order to give yourself more chance of winning.

So what is the truth?

Well fortunately, this debate is a relatively simple one to answer. The first thing you need to do to play pokies successfully, is to choose an online casino that offers you the best pokies online and by that, we mean ones that are checked by an independent body to ensure they are safe and fair to play.

For that we’d recommend any of the casinos in the Casino Rewards network, all powered by Microgaming software which is thoroughly checked and rated by eCogra, the independent online casino gaming review body to ensure all their pokies are 100% as advertised.

How do you join the Casino Rewards network? That’s very easy too; simply join a casino such as Casino Action, Virtual City Casino, UK Casino Club, Vegas Slot Casino, Mobile Casino Action, Casino Classic or Nostalgia Casino and when you do, you’ll immediately be a part of this award winning network.

So you’ve joined the right casino, now it is time to learn about the slots. Can you really strategise on a slot for success?

In short, no you can’t. Each slot is powered by a random number generator. You are as equally likely to win on every spin, regardless of whether you won or lost your previous one, or ten previous ones.

However, what you can do is look for specific slots, typically those with low variance (variance is how much the slot tends to pay out and how often, low variance slots pay out smaller amounts more often) and with a high payout percentage rate (typically over 96% is generally very good).

Other than this, it is down to the luck of the numbers your spin randomly generates each time you press the button.

Pokies is a game of luck but that is also part of its huge appeal and long may it stay that way.

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