Basically, there are three different types of pokie machines available at the casinos: video slots, reel spinners and progressives. There are also community slot machines which is the new breed of pokies/slots.

Reel Spinners Pokie Machines

Reel spinners are pokies machines that display the results on mechanical reels. Originally, there were five reels on the traditional pokies machines. The three reel slot machine is much simpler and has become a favorite at the casinos.

Video Slot Pokies

Video slots do not have any moving parts. These slots display a digital representation of the slot machine reels on the screen or monitor. Video slots are essentially the same as a computer game. They offer many creative and interactive elements for the players including bonuses, high definition video graphics or video clips from a favorite television program. Most of the video slots display 5 reels and have multiple lines that pay on whatever pattern the manufacturer specified.

Progressive Pokie Machines

Progressive slots can be video slots or reel spinners. These pokie machines are linked with other machines in the casino or in a wider network across the country. The more machines that are linked together, the larger the jackpot becomes.

Each time a person plays the progressive slots, a small amount is contributed to the progressive jackpot. The jackpot is won when a player gets the right combination on the pokie machine. When the jackpot is hit, the jackpot payout returns to its original amount.

Community Pokies Machines

Community slots are the newest type of slot machine. It is always a video slot but it can also be a progressive slot. During designated slot machine bonus rounds, players can actually play against each other to win money. Players share a common ground trying to reach the bonuses together. This type of camaraderie is odd amongst slot machine players especially when the game was a solo pastime.