stars4.9/5 (119 votes)

Get 40 chances to become
a millionaire for just $1

+ 100% Match Bonus Up to $200

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to play online pokies for free?
Well, the answer is yes. We have been looking around at a long list of online casinos and found that Casino Classic offers not one or two, but 3 free chances to become a millionaire playing any of their pokies.

We where a bit skeptical about this offer, so we had to try it. It was easy to sign up and even easier to spend our free bonus. After using our 3 free spins we decided to go for the extra 40 spins for just $1. Pretty neat, right? That’s why Casino Classic is our top choice to play for free.



stars4.7/5 (109 votes)

Get 150 chances to become an instant
millionaire for just $10

+ 100% Match up to $250

Overall Review

  • Biggest sign-up bonus for new players
  • Hundreds of exciting pokies to play
  • Safe & Secure audited by eCogra
  • Trusted by millions of Kiwi players

Number two in our list is Yukon Gold Casino. Compared to all the other casinos that offered a certain amount of spins with a low deposit, this is the one that we found more complete in terms of money value.

You get 150 chances to play for just $10 and they even match up your second deposit at 100%. We found that pretty impressive and also tried out the offer. The interface was very neat and easy to use and it was also very simple to sign up and make our $10 deposit. Oh, and they have amazing free monthly bonuses too. Our reviewers also noticed that the customer support is invested in providing a good service. For all those reasons, Yukon Gold Casino is our second choice to play pokies for free.


Less than a year or so ago, if you looked for free pokies online, then you would have faced a long trawl through a search on the Internet. Not many sites offered free online pokies to players, it seemed too risky; the casino accepting all the risk of such an offer.

However, over time some forward-thinking casino sites began to offer free online pokies and over the past 12 months in particular, these types of offers have grown massively in popularity.

Now, it is relatively easy to find free slots online, so if you have ever wanted to play some of the best pokies games and want to know how and where to play, read our extensive guide below and soon you’ll be enjoying the best free pokies online.


The first thing to answer here is the question about why online pokies are gaining such popularity. The first thing to note about these slots based offers is that they are very flexible. Some casinos offer free spins as part of their new player sign up offer and these are the most obvious form of free video pokies deal.

Indeed, the number of casinos offering such a deal as free spins on the pokies has grown markedly over the last 12 months.

However, it is more than that. Players are effectively receiving free spins when they sign up to other types of deals. Many casinos now offer a stated lump sum of ‘play’ cash and an hour to play on a number of games across the site. This type of offer can also be used by the player to enjoy free spins, with the chance of earning themselves a nice fat starting bonus.

Whether you choose a specific free spins deal, or opt to play online pokies via an hour’s free play introductory offer, the effect is the same. You are playing free pokies online.

Of course, the other aspect of free pokies is when sites offer you a chance to preview the game for free. There are some outstanding sites which offer offer you the chance to play demo games for free before you elect to play for real. Some games you may want to try are Immortal Romance II, Fire and Roses Joker, and Jurassic Park Gold.


How you play free online pokies depends on what type of offer you receive. If you have a specific pokies offer, for a stated number of spins, then you should find these free spins added to your account when you have registered with the site in question.

If you have a different type of bonus allowing you access to free pokies, then you simply need to follow the instructions on the site to begin playing. Be aware that not all pokies on your choice of casino may be playable for an introductory deal, however you will still have a huge choice of top free online pokies to pick from.

Once you have your bonus, simply load up the slot you want to play and click the spin button and you’ll be using your free spins offer. It really is that simple!


If you are looking to play free pokies then where is the best casino to start your search? Captain Cooks Casino is a good place to start, but read on to find more options.

Well fortunately, there is one group of casinos that through a wide and varied number of introductory offers, you can play a huge number of online slots thanks to your sign up deal. These are the Microgaming casinos that are part of the Casino Rewards network, a number of top quality casinos which reward their players like no other.

There’s lots of casinos part of the Casino Rewards network but to give you an idea of the free spins offers available here’s just a couple of new player offers available each allowing you free spins:



stars4.9/5 (135 votes)

Get 40 chances to become
a millionaire for just $1

+ 100% Match Bonus Up to $200



stars4.7/5 (117 votes)

Get 150 chances to become an instant
millionaire for just $10

+ 100% Match up to $250

If you have already joined a top casino and are looking for somewhere that you can read the latest pokies reviews, get some tips on how to play and then play that pokie for free, then you need to check out the hottest new blog The Pokies King.

All you need to know about the latest and best online slots are covered in this fantastic blog, as well as further information about top quality casino sign up deals and much more.


When it comes to playing slots on your mobile handset, there are some games that are more popular than others. With hundreds of mobile pokies to choose from, which are the most popular pokies you can play from your mobile?

Well, the simple answer to this is that when it comes to mobile gaming, Microgaming mobile pokies offer the best range of high quality online pokie action that you can find anywhere online.

The great news is that you can access a number of top quality Microgaming mobile pokies, plus a host of other casino games such as video poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and more, direct from a number of Microgaming powered casinos available from both the App Store and also the Google Play shop (provided you don’t mind playing for pretend cash).

Two such casinos are Luxury Casino (available from both the Google Play store for free casino gaming, and from the App Store where you can play for real cash) and Golden Tiger Casino which offers a host of classic mobile pokies to select from.


If you have recently joined a top quality online casino then you may have been surprised to see that many casinos run pokie bonuses and promotions.

A player may automatically be enrolled in the promotion if they play the pokie in question.

On the stated pokie and over the stated time, the more money a player spends on the pokie, then the higher the bonus or prize they will receive. Often casinos will sweeten the deal by giving players additional bonuses to help fund their play.

What then happens is that all the customers who are taking part in a promotion are ranked against each other. For some promotions the leaderboard table can be based simply on how much a player spends. Other promotions can see it based on how much a player has won and for others it may be based on the ratio between the two.

When the end date of a promotion is reached, the final table is produced and those finishing in the top places in the promotion will win a significant prize for their efforts, usually in the form of a cash award paid directly into their casino account.

Pokie bonuses and promotions are a great way to get to know more about quality pokies games and they are growing in popularity as they are fun, fast and easy to play in.


So you’ve joined a top quality casino, the question now is what pokies are the best for you to try playing with your free bonus?

Here’s a list of some of the very best slots to try out, why not see if your casino offers you a chance to try out any of these outstanding pokies free online?


As you can see from the huge number of casinos and wealth of games that are available, free pokies are very much here to stay. The fact that online pokies bring in the most money for online casinos make them an invaluable part of the online gaming experience and the fact that you can now play free online pokies as part of a sign up deal, or to practice before you play for real, can only enhance their popularity still further.

There’s never been more choice to enjoy online pokies for free, so why not sign up today and earn yourself a few free spins and maybe you could be the next big pokies winner!