If you have recently joined a top quality online casino then you may have been surprised to see that many casinos run pokies tournaments.

At first, this seems somewhat illogical. Pokies are solitary games and you cannot really play against another opponent, so how is it possible to organise a tournament?

Well the answer is really rather simple and it is down to effective and imaginative marketing. A typical online pokies tournament will see a casino pick one of its premiere slots and for a stated period of time, encourage as many of its customers to play that slot.

A player may automatically be enrolled in the tournament if they play the pokie in question, or they may need to register their interest in taking part. Either way, their playing at the pokie in question is the basis on which the tournament will be decided.

On the stated slot and over the stated time, the more money a player spends on the slot, then the higher up the leaderboard they will go. Often casinos will sweeten the deal by giving players additional bonuses to help fund their play.

What then happens is that all the customers who are taking part in the tournament are ranked against each other. For some tournaments the leaderboard table can be based simply on how much a player spends. Other tournaments can see it based on how much a player has won and for others it may be based on the ratio between the two.

What then happens is that when the end date of the tournament is reached, the final table is produced and those finishing in the top places in the tournament will win a significant prize for their efforts, usually in the form of a cash award paid directly into their casino account.

Pokies tournaments are a great way to get to know more about quality pokies games and they are growing in popularity as they are fun, fast and easy to play in.